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Classroom Organization

Set up:

  1. Decide on your furniture and rug layout first. Do you need space for a virtual classroom or traditional classroom only? Do you want your desk near a window? Or what is best use of the natural light from the window if you have one? Is there a nook you can use for the class library reading time? Where do you want the Guided reading table? Student desks or tables. Do they need to be 6 foot apart?

  2. Do not buy everything before you see the room and the space. Take photos of the space Measure the shelves

  3. Find out if your school gives you a budget to spend on your class. If they do you can use that for the more expensive items.

  4. Make an Amazon wishlist so that friends and family can help with donations and when school starts parents can also donate.

  5. If you buy anything before you see classroom look at student supplies list for hints on what you will store.

  6. Also see if you can talk to a teacher that had you room previously and talk about what works and does not work.

  7. If you do buy before think about the things you know you will need like Binders K through 4 picture books For little ones board books Notebook for your ideas, brain dumping and to do lists

  8. If you buy bins make sure you buy them from a place that takes returns. That way they can be returned if they are not used. Dry erase clear pockets Timer and a bell or door bell Rolling cart for guided reading

  9. For the top of your desk use a tool box with the clear drawers. You can also customize this with dollar tree clear draws. Dollar Tree has big ones that are marker size and little ones that can be used for paperclips and small items.

  10. Organize your class library a. How will you cateragize your books? Author, Seasonal, Reading levels, By color, Age, symbols etc. b. Filing forward in bins or library style c. Magazine bins, open bins d. Students personal books can also be stored on a shelf in book bins.

  11. Take everything out and categorize everything. Make only as many categories you have room for then sub categories as you go. Student personal supplies Manipulatives Teacher personal items & Teacher supplies Guided reading Anchor charts and pocket chart/sentence strips Curriculum books & Curriculum themes Recess games Clipboards & white boards Headphones Hygiene, sanitation station & water bottles Party supplies and snacks Chrome books Each student k through 4 binders Morning meeting, Calendar items, job charts & incentives Empty Bins and baskets Crafts Field trip items Purged

  12. Organize all your supplies Open bins Cups Tool box w/drawers Clear shoe box bins Binders Shelves Drawers Hanging shoe organizers

  13. Classroom flow & function

  14. Procedures & routines How to line up How to turn in papers & paper flow Every procedure, routine and schedule you can think of. This helps you from year to year and is a must for your substitute

  15. Your walls space What does you school require up on the walls. What do you need on the wall. Calendar, incentives, job charts, birthdays, class rules etc. Can it be hung up on a clothes rack or? Water bottles headphones

  16. Decorations Class theme & color Bulletin boards Seasonal

  17. Fine tune make the name tags Labels everything

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