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Embark on a journey of organizational mastery, from novice to high-flying expert.


Time Management & Productivity:

  • Taming the Paper Beast: Digitalization & Organization (1.5h): $40 each: Discover the art of paperless document management and efficient information organization.

  • Speedy Decluttering Techniques for Busy Lives (1h): $30 each: Learn quick and effective decluttering methods for various areas of your home or office.

Space Optimization & Home Organization:

  • Meal Planning (1.5h): $40 each

  • Kitchen Organization: Streamline Your Pantry & Prep (1.5h): $40 each: Create a functional and efficient kitchen layout, declutter pantry essentials, and organize meal prep.

  • Closet Detox & Capsule Wardrobe Strategies (1.5h): $40 each: Declutter your wardrobe, build a capsule collection, and optimize closet space.

  • Conquer the Chaos: Home Office Organization (1.5h): $40 each: Design a productive and clutter-free workspace, manage paperwork, and establish filing systems.

  • Declutter Your Kids' Spaces: Fostering Independence & Calm (1.5h): $40 each: Develop age-appropriate organization systems for children's rooms and play areas.

Lifestyle & Mindful Living:

  • Simplify Your Schedule: Saying No and Setting Boundaries (1h): $30 each: Learn techniques for managing commitments, setting boundaries, and reclaiming personal time.

  • Create a Calming Home Environment (1.5h): $40 each: Discover design principles and organizing strategies for a peaceful and stress-free home.

  • Building Sustainable Habits for Organization & Productivity (1.5h): $40 each: Develop long-lasting systems and routines for maintaining organized and productive work and living spaces.

Beginner (Price: $50 each):

  • Declutter 101: Master basic decluttering techniques like the Kon Mari method, learn to let go of sentimental items, and create efficient storage solutions for common clutter zones.

  • Kitchen Organization Revolution: Revamp your kitchen with pantry organization hacks, appliance decluttering strategies, and meal prep planning techniques.

  • Ultimate Closet Cleanse: Conquer clothes clutter, create a capsule wardrobe, and design a functional and stylish closet system.

Intermediate (Price: $150 each):

  • Beyond Decluttering: Build on basic skills with in-depth decluttering techniques for specific areas like garages, basements, or digital files. Learn organizing systems for hobbies, collections, and seasonal items.

  • Organization Design Lab: Apply design principles to create stylish and functional spaces. Learn space planning techniques, furniture selection tips, and storage solutions for different room types.

  • Moving Mayhem Made Easy: Master the art of downsizing before moving, packing efficiently, and organizing your new space for an effortless transition.

High Ticket (Price: $300 each):

  • Downsizing with Grace: Expert guidance for approaching downsizing in retirement, including emotional decluttering, choosing the right new home, and creating a comfortable and organized living space.

  • Ultimate Home Office Oasis: Design and organize your dream home office for maximum productivity and well-being. Learn about ergonomic principles, technology integration, and creating a personalized workspace.

  • The Organized Family System: Develop a holistic approach to family organization, covering routines, chore charts, decluttering strategies for shared spaces, and creating a calm and efficient household environment.

  • Disaster Prep and Organization: Learn essential preparedness and response techniques for natural disasters, including home organization for quick evacuation, document storage, and emergency kit creation.

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