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Episode 10: How to Declutter and Organize your Kitchen

Updated: Jan 19

How to declutter and organize a kitchen. I will share some tips and tricks that I use in my kitchen and why. — Support this podcast:

Credit for some ideas:

  1. I only have one plate, bowl, tea glass per family member and 8 total flatware so, if my family wants a clean dish someone in the family has to wash dishes daily.

  2. I only have 4 pots and just the serving utensils and cooking utensils I use daily. All others are stored in the garage until needed. I quarantined all cooking, serving and eating items just to see what I actually needed and use. That keeps the amount of dishes to clean at a minimum which now makes kitchen clean up so much faster and easier.

  3. I only have 2 sets of glass storage containers that I use for storage and reheating in the microwave.

  4. Daily used appliances keep on countertop all others in cabinet and rarly used in the garage.

  5. Only keep what you use. Sell or donate the rest.

Kitchen Storage—Organize your kitchen based off of how you use the space. Common activities include: food storage, cooking and serving, cleanup, planning/messages, and eating. The idea of centers or stations is that you group all the items that will be used on a task close to each other.

  1. Cleaning and cleaning station

  2. To make cleaning as I go easier I use a plastic dish pan from dollar tree to put dirty dishes in. This keeps my sink clean at all times so when I cook I just fill the sink with soapy water and clean as I go. When I am done eating the dishes are all I have left to wash and then I am done. Using paper plate help also.

  3. Keep hand soap, liquid dish soap, scrub brushes, dishwasher soap, dishrags, dishtowels, hand towels, paper towels, and anything else you use to clean the kitchen in this station.

  4. I also keep a small trash can in several areas in the kitchen, under sink near coffee pot for coffee grounds and no sugar packets, near refrigerator for drink mix packaging and near paper towels. My family struggled to walk across kitchen to throw trash away so I did this for my sanity.

  5. Cooking station

  6. Organize all the things you use when you cook, including your spices and oils.

  7. Alphabetize spices on a lazy-susan so that you can easily find them.

  8. The spice that do not fit onto the lazy-susan that are used most often in front, and the ones you use less often in the back.

  9. Keep cooking utensils organized. You can store them in an organizer on your countertop next to your stove, or you can keep them in a drawer, hang them on hooks near stove top depending on space.

  10. Pots, pans and lids can easily be stacked in a cabinet or drawer. Or use a drying rack or a kitchen organizer to organize your cookware. They fit into your cabinet easily, or you can get one that hangs over the door.

  11. Hot pads and oven mitts can be stored in a drawer, a bin tucked into the cabinet with pots, hang on the inside of a cabinet door with Command Hooks.

  12. Baking station

  13. Keep the ingredients like flour, sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, coconut, chocolate chips etc

  14. Store baking equipment, baking pans and cookie sheets, rolling pins, cookie cutters, etc. in this station.

  15. Only keep your family heirloom cookbooks in the kitchen or store in a memory bin in the garage. Better yet if you have empty space on the top or the cabinets use them as decorations.

  16. Dish station

  17. Only keep the dishes you use in one day in the dishwasher or sink area.

  18. All extra dishes and entertaining party dishes for guests can be stored in bins with lids in the garage. This keeps the dishes clean and the dishes stored in the house get washed daily for use the next day.

  19. Food storage station

  20. Items you use to pack up and put away leftovers in a drawer under the oven, cabinet drawer, cabinet door organizer or ina bin in the cabinet with the storage containers near the refrigerator. This space will house storage and freezer bags, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, and so on.

  21. Keep glass square and rectangle food storage containers in a drawer or cabinet. I stack them by size and shape and have a bin for square lids and a bin for rectangle lids. I try not to have any round containers. I only have a few plastic containers for lunches because the glass one are heavy.

  22. Some believe in stacking storage containers with lids on. This is really up to you and what works for you. All organizational systems are to make your life easier so keep working at it. If in a year is is a mess again then the system did not work and you will have to tweek the system until you find what works for your personality. Like Clutterbug says “It must be as easy to put away as it is to leave out” Easy to clean and easy to use.

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