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Episode 2: What about that pile of laundry

We are going to talk about laundry schedules, sorting, folding, not folding and putting it all away. — Support this podcast:

Laundry Schedule: each family member that is capable should be taught to be responsible for their own laundry. Even if you do everyone’s laundry only, do one persons at a time so you do not have to spend extra time separating. Each family member must be assigned a day so that all are not trying to wash the night before they need it

Dirty laundry Sorting: Declutter clothes or just do not wait until you need clean clothes to do the laundry.

If you or your kids wear pjs you really only need 2 pairs that you wash once a week. You really do not need to wear a different pjs every day unless you are a little in diapers or etc.

Get rid of as many whites and items that bleed color as possible then you can wash most colors together.

Get rid of items that need ironing.

Each person has a laundry basket and mesh bag or 2. Put socks in a mesh bag to wash so that no one looses a sock and will not have to hunt through laundry to find them. If you just have to do all the laundry together at least the socks will be sorted already. I put my socks and undies in one and bras in another with a wool ball.

When each person does laundry they put that basket on top of the washer then when drying move it to drier. Each person uses the same basket to move clean dry clothes, sheets, and towel to your room to put away. If each family member only has one set of sheets and one towel they wash every week that will cut down on the amount of laundry.  

You do not have to wait until you have a full load! Use your small load settings on the washer and the small load marks on you detergent. Using my diy detergent recipe I use 2 tablespoons of detergent and it lasts me 9 months and even longer now that I use only 1 tablespoon for a small load.

Now if you have littles that are to young to do their own you can still do their laundry on one day a week but do diapers one day, sheets and towels one day etc. Remember to sort each person’s laundry back into their own designated basket.

If you tend to forget laundry in the washer of dryer set a timer to remind you. If you happen to forget your laundry to long in the washer rewash with vinegar only. That will refresh it since it has already been washed.

Each person needs their own stain remover so that they can spray before they put the item in the laundry basket.

Thrifty laundry: Homemade laundry detergent: 4lb each of borax, washing powder, baking soda mixed with a box of shredded zote soap.

Homemade dryer sheets: Use cut up old towels or old cut up flannel sheets wet in a jar of 1 cup fabric softener and 6 cups of water solution.

Use half a drier sheet or use drier sheet twice.

Wool drier ball (essential oil optional)

Wrinkle releaser spray: 1 c water, 1 teaspoon hair conditioner, and 1 Tablespoon vinegar

Use ½ cup vinegar with towels and sheets will take out odors

To clean washer use 1 cup vinegar in washer and fill bleach container with vinegarFold or not to fold: Does your clothes need to be folded? Do you need to fold underwear, socks or under shirts? If clothes wrinkle hang up if not fold and put away. Fold as you pull it out of the drier.

Putting away: Unless you have little littles put laundry on each person’s bed for them to be put up before bed with no excuses.

Organization in your laundry room: Lint or trash can near drier or on the wall next to drier.

Place to store toilet tissue and paper towels if needed

Dry erase marker to write do not reminders on washer or drier

Cute jar or bin for clothes pins if needed

Extra shelf over washer and drier for folding, extra storage or décor.

Small tin bucket, jar or bin for change, buttons, mending needle and thread,

Iron and ironing board hung on wall or behind door

Folding hanging rack

Hanger holder for extra hangers

Bowl or bucket near or on the washer for dirty wash rags or small stained items that need to soak

Garbage bags for lint trash can

Bins or bags for mop attachments, vacuum attachments, shampooer attachments etc

Bin for delicates

Collapsible mop bucket if needed to soak dirty dish rags

Step stool

Frames or cute signs on walls for laundry rules and instructions

Place for driers sheets, stain remover, laundry samples, extra sponges, extra sos pads, extra cleaner refills, specialty cleaners, extra cleaning rags, light bulbs, wool drier balls, stain brush

Decorate to give you more motivation to do your laundry.

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