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Episode 5: How to Declutter and Organize our Home

Updated: Jan 19

What is home clutter? Clutter: to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impedes movement or reduces effectiveness of a room.

• Physical Clutter – the actual stuff you’ve got piled in drawers, closets, counters, garage, storage unit and everywhere else. This is the typical stuff we think of — the closets that are overflowing, the garages that can’t hold cars, the storage units Gifts — that you never used or will never use Expensive items– you thought you would use, you no longer use or you should be using. Ex. Treadmill, beauty products, kitchen appliances, cleaning tools, cleaning supplies, Hobbies– fixer upper, crafts, sports, unfinished furniture, holiday décor, home décor, old cars, old car parts, old computers, old computer parts, outdated technology Things you use but do not have a designated spot for. New Home office and New Home school Reading material– Family clutter Bargain and freebies– Fun clutter– Sentimental, memorabilia, V8 track tapes, cassette tapes, VHS videos, floppy Disks, CD’s, baby items, baby clothes

• Emotional and Mental Clutter – the stuff you’re holding onto in your heart from past hurts and failures like past relationships and painful memories. Feelings “I use to be poor” just in case items, bargain stash, freebie stash. Past and future identity (who I use to be or who I hope to be in the future) skinny clothes, fat clothes, 1st marriage, worth something some day, when I get rich,

• Social Clutter – Calendar Activities and Social Media

• Digital clutter. Have thousands of unread emails in your inbox? Then you have digital clutter. It’s also all the files saved on your computer without file names, so you don’t know what they are and you spend a lot of time looking for the files you want

• Spiritual Clutter– The stuff that attaches itself to us, usually unknowingly, that needs to be removed like lack of forgiveness or a lack of peace. Any thing keeping you from growing in the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of who God is. Anything that impedes your movement towards a relationship with God. Anything that reduces the effectiveness of God in your daily life.

Declutter, Organize and Maintain

• Start with trash • Obvious items like dirty clothes, dishes • Put all items from any flat surfaces in a basket. If you have an over whelming amount of stuff get several baskets. Try to declutter as you go. • Declutter each basket. Try to sort and categorize as you go • Sort and categorize items • Measure spaces • Purchase bins and organizational systems like shelve if needed. You can also use boxes, food container and jars from around the house. • Maintain you must repeat the about consistently. This can be daily, weekly, monthly or seasonally.

Take a photograph. This will enable you to see your environment in the same light as your guests do, leaving you shocked by the result. If you have trouble finding clutter, try taking photos from different angles. Photographs provide an entirely different perspective, and potential problems could pop out of the picture, helping you quickly identify the areas that need to be tidied up. — Support this podcast:

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