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Episode 8: How to Organize a Move

Updated: Jan 19

1. Gather more boxes than you then you will need

2. Make a packing supply bag

· Scissors

· Box cutter

· Pen & note cards

· Packing tape & painters tape

· Black marker or colored markers

· Colored tape or colored labels

· Trash bags

· Baggies

· Wipes

· Vacuum

· Rubber bands

· Sticky notes

3. Declutter—

Does it fit in the new space? Will it survive the move? How much to move vs. repurchasing? Do you still need or use it? Would you buy it again if you lost it?

4. Sell Items

5. Donate items

6. Pack a suitcase, bag or box with the Daily Essentials

· Soap

· Tooth brush

· Shaving

· Towel

· Toilet tissue

· Scissors

· Make up

· Pj’s

· Clothes & shoes

· Shampoo & conditioner

· Bedding & pillows

7. Pack kitchen essentials

8. Used different color tape or labels for each room

9. Heavier the items in smaller boxes

10. Lighter items in the larger boxes

11. Use towels, pillows and linens in the bottom and top of boxes holding breakables

12. No empty spaces in boxes. Stuff with paper so nothing moves when box is moved.

13. Leave items in drawers and tape or wrap drawers and furniture.

14. Gather hang up clothes 10 at a time with a rubber band around top of hanger and cover with trash bags to pack or use box for hang up clothes. t-shirts

Dress shirts dresses Ask yourself: are they stained? torn? Do you love it?

15. Label all items when taking things apart. Put loose items in a baggie and tape to the item it came off of.

16. Use socks around glasses

17. Use paper around stem ware and then socks or paper. Stand up in padded boxes to pack.

18. Wrap legs of furniture in paper

19. Use a moving binder or write contents on each box. — Support this podcast:

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