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General Organizing Tips and Tricks

Updated: May 3, 2023

Each of us has a time of day and week that we have the most energy. Schedule the most important tasks needed to complete during this time if possible. Do these tasks when you have the most energy.

Decide with your kids where the things they use daily will go. Help them organize so that they will want to keep it tidy.

Use a bulletin board in each child’s room. Everything cannot go on the refrigerator.

Each child should have a file box to keep important papers.

Homework station set up with all the school supplies together. This could be on a 3 tiered cart to be rolled out of the way. Color code each child’s homework bins.

Rotate chores by drawing chores from a basket so that each child gets a different chore daily.

Declutter routinely

Have a place for everything.

Create daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and yearly routines and post them so everyone I prepared to help.

Clean as you go.

Do it now. Do not procrastinate.

Keep it simple.

Make it fun. Buy tools and products that you like.

When doing a task for a family member, like folding their clothes, use that time to pray for that family member.

Finish the job. If you fold it put it away. Vacuum put the vacuum away.

Job can be done without being perfect.

List tasks by amount of time they take. If it only takes 5 min. just do it.

One touch rule: you touch it you put it away.

Clean clockwise and top to bottom in a space. Dust then vacuum.

Morning and evening routines such as wash dishes evening and put away dishes in the morning. Wash laundry put in drier in the morning.

Never leave a room empty handed. Put glass in sink, pick up a toy and put in room it goes in.

Keep cleaning products handy. I have cleaning products in kitchen and both bathrooms. I keep stain remover in each closet and laundry room.

Make cleaning me time. Listen to your favorite podcast, audio book, praise music, prayer time etc.

Delegate tasks. You use a basket to pick up the living room then have each person put away their items.

Make bed daily, clear counters daily and clean kitchen sink daily.

If you have children give yourself grace.

Stop negative talk. “I can have a tidy home” Be positive.

1 load of laundry a day.

Is there room inside cabinets for some your appliances? I keep? Inside cabinet and inside the garage.

If you can get a robot vacuum for daily use.

Have a 5 min tidy every night or 15 min or mix it up.

Commit—Schedule it, avoid distractions, find an accountability partner

Productivity apps

Find you purpose or your why for keeping it tidy or getting tasks done.

Automate as much as possible—grocery pick up or delivery, auto bill pay, etc.

Monthly—declutter, evaluate, measure, shop, organize and put in some finishing touches.

Brain dump on paper, app or planner

Label everything

Be mindful. Use a habit tracker to build good habits.

Have a backup plan for everything. 2 batteries instead of just one,

Be deliberated about the items you buy and use. Keep only what you use.

Maybe roll instead of fold.

Organize no drama family meetings to discuss schedules, successes, struggles, meals, home needs, home repairs or how to training.

Color code everything for kids—storage bins, hangers, towels and sheets.

Have each family member responsible for an area of the home they remind other family members to keep it clean.

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