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How to Declutter and Organize a Kid’s Room

Divide bedroom into zones and categories: Some zones will overlap like the creative zone and office zone depending on size of the room. Help kids find their why. Why should my room be organized daily? Dressing Zone Closet Drawers or cubed shelve Laundry Shoes

Creative Zone Toys Hobbies: ballet, sports, Lego collection, nerf gun collection, music Board games Crafts

Office Zone Homework Crafts Gaming

Quiet Zone Sleeping Reading Quiet activities

Declutter each zone by category: What do you use or need? Spend this time with your kids. Play music and talk to your kids.

  1. Make a throw out, another room, donate and keep area

  2. Start with the obvious throw out anything that is broken, and torn and put in a trash bag.

  3. Get a laundry basket or 2 and put anything that goes into another room in the basket for later.

  4. Now it is quick decision time. Very quickly make donate and keep pile. Anything that takes extra time to think about we will look at later.

  5. Keep doing this as you go through the entire room

  6. Pick out kid friendly non-toxic cleaning caddy and supplies for your kids depending on age and maturity.

  7. Reward kids with an outing. Maybe as simple as ice cream.

Measure, assess and figure out how and what you need for organizing. Here are some tips and ideas.

Dressing Zone

Clothing—how much do you really need. Here is where I put the limits. 8 Underwear, 8 pairs of socks & 2 pairs of dress socks, 5 PJs, 8 play shirts, 2 holiday shirts, 3 dress shirts, dresses, and dress slacks. This all depends on the stage that child is in. If they still have potty accidents then they will need more.


Hang up clothes, dresses and coats. Top of closet you will need a bin for sweaters and winter accessories and a bin for swimwear and beach toys and towels. These can be swapped out each season in a drawer or the cube shelf.

Top shelf for seasonal items stored in cube or bin.

My around the house t-shirts and lounge pants are folded in a hanging cube organizer in my closet.

Pick out 5 outfits for the week and then during the week let them pick which of the 5 they want to wear on which day.

Drawers—next to bed I have books and needed items in drawers and bottom drawer I have all my socks. Dresser drawers in closet I have under clothes in the top, middle Pjs and bottom seasonal. I swap out beach wear and winter sweaters and accessories.

Vanity—Hair and beauty accessories with drawer dividers.

Cubed shelve—these shelves really maximize space in a room. Depending on how many children and sharing a room. These can also be used as room dividers. Top and top row can be used for decorations, bottom row for toys and all the other cubes for clothes divided by category. I really love this system. Categorize and use labels with photos.

Laundry—should be in the closet along with a donation bin. Wash laundry once a week. Store 2 towels on the back of door. Use a towel when going to the shower. Wash that towel with your sheets every week. Use the cubes while folding the laundry and put them right into the cubes as you fold, then just put them on the shelf. Each child has their own laundry day. Use laundry bags for all one child’s socks to keep them all together.

Shoes—lined up at the bottom of closet, in a bin under the bed. I have my around about shoes in a bin under my bed for daily use but I have a hanging shoe organizer for my going out or to work shoes.

Creative Zone

Toys—Can be divided by 3 seasons with new Christmas toys being the 4th season and swap out every 3 months. I love cube bins or baskets with handles for different categories of toys. Play with one basket at a time. Only have enough toys that if kids came to play and took out every toy it would be easy clean up. Kids get overwhelmed and then playtime becomes dreaded clean up time. Limit to about 15 to 20 toys. Lego collection would be 1 toy and etc.

Hobbies– ballet, sports, Lego collection, nerf gun collection, music—sport or ballet clothing items in a cube, bin or basket so all is in one place for easy on the go. Peg boards for nerf guns or collections. Bin, bag or tote for legos for easy clean up and mobility. Under bed is a great place for toys, legos or board game storage.

Board games—only 3 board games or puzzles stacked on a shelf or bin under the bed. Color code the back of puzzles so you always know which puzzle it belongs with.

Crafts—these items can be stored in a rolling cart so it can be moved as needed.

Office Zone

Desk—Computer or laptop

Homework—supplies stored in magazine file. Keep only daily use items on desk.

Crafts—just store the craft items you need or use most often here. Scissors, markers,


Quiet Zone

Bed—2 sets of sheets per child can be stored in a bin under the bed. Under bed storage works for sheets, legos, books, coloring books, shoes,

 Divide books by seasons and rotate by season. Store on a wall shelf, book shelf, bin or basket next to the bed or under bed.

Stuffed animals—storage near bed. Limit the number to maybe 3 on the bed and the others can be stored in a net, hanging baskets, basket near bed, 

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