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How to Organize Your Health in 2022

Here are 12 simple habits you can add one at a time each month to grow physically, spiritually and mentally healthier in 2022. We must take time to be intentional. Just like organizing we have to think about how we can fit new habits into our life one small habit at a time. — Support this podcast:

  1. Drink 8 oz of water during lunch—I mix powdered propel, vitamin C and 1 teaspoon of Metamucil in 24 oz of water and drink it during my lunch because I drink a lot of coffee.

  2. Go to bed 30 min earlier

  3. Add a handful of raw veggies or green veggies to you meal—I started buying a veggie tray and eating a handful during supper or as a bedtime snack.

  4. Put vitamins in a place that helps you remember to take them—I had to tape a baggie to my food container. Now I have them on my microwave.

  5. Walk around the block as soon as you pull into the drive way at the end of your work day or every morning or before you start supper.

  6. Make your lunch and dinner on a dessert plate and do not pile it up

  7. Slow down your eating and chew a little longer

  8. Get out of your comfort zone. Try something new

  9. Make a habit of changing something you just said negatively into a positive statement. Example instead of “You never” say “Will you?”

  10. Spend time praying while driving alone in your car and when you cannot sleep.

  11. Read a page in your Bible each morning.

  12. Plan your next 12 healthy habits for next year. Start with the habits that you did not accomplish this year.

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