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Quilting and Sewing Organization Ideas

Updated: Jan 19

Quilting & Craft Room Organization “Sew the Distance” by Kris O’Neill Sewing table or Craft table – Clear off flat surfaces. Only put most used items on table. Use caddy to hold most used tools, scraps and rulers. Caddy, Rulers, Make-up brush for dusting inside sewing machine, Lamp, Scissors, and Marking tools

Less used tools — Store in shoe box, drawer, rolling cart, peg board, towel bar with hooks. Binding items – Store in baskets or bins. Use desktop drawers– to hold small items like clips, needles, and straight pins. Use a nice Jar– to hold pin cushions, Tape, Heat and bond, Clips, Pin cushions, Needles Straight pins

Pressing station—should be 3 ft from sewing table Keep Iron, Pressing board or matt and Fusible store in a small trash can

Cutting station—3ft from sewing machine UFO’s and WIP’s (unfinished projects and work in progress)– Stackable plastic containers Zippered project pouches Fabric Scraps—“A Quilted Life” by Sherri McConnell Pre-cuts leftover fabrics and stores in shoe boxes by size Squares and triangles 2 ½” strips 5” squares Misc. Declutter fabric scrapes–Donations. Sell They can also be stored in vases or Jars Use to stuff pillows or stuffed animals etc. Fabric storage– Fold around comic book boards Roll or roll around pool noodles Fold Hardware– Store in divider plastic containers, jars,

Thread/bobbins– Spice racks or Wall racks

Zippers— use baggies to store different sizes in bins or baskets Buttons/trims– jars Magazines—read digital Patterns—binders Quilters monthly planner Shoe boxes will hold– The Tattooed Quilter Christopher ThompsonThread and bobbinsPins and Needles Glue and adhesives Cutting tools Machine tools Notions Ribbon and trims Pom poms Fat quarters

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