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Episode 1: Introduction and Welcome!

This is my podcast and business introduction. — Support this podcast:

Did your mom do this when you were growing up? My mom would come into my room upset and then dump everything into the floor in the center of my room. Or she would decide it was time to clean by never taught your how to clean and organize. As a kid I would just sit there overwhelmed not knowing what to do or I would get distracted and start playing with the stuff. My name is Carrie Fullerton of Fullerton’s Professional Organizing. I am so happy and excited to be here talking to you. My story may be a little different but you may be able to find some similarities. Now fast forward to 1990. I am now married and want to have a clean and organized home, then came children.

With kids and a full time job how do you get the kids to school on time and get to work on time? My son had ADHD. Get up, get dressed, where are your shoes? Let’s go! Did you do your homework? Did you put your homework in your backpack? Did you turn in your homework? I shut down. I realized that maybe I get easily sidetracked and distracted too. How am I going to help my son when I am just as sidetracked and distracted as he was? I had to be organized and I did not have the luxury of procrastination because then I would forget.

These are the things I had to do to keep it all together.

1. I keep a small calendar notebook in my purse at all times. Write it all down. Make lists to check off. Keep track of all to-dos and appointments

2. I do it now if I can. Do not procrastinate. If you can get it done right now do it.

3. I Set alarms on my phone or Alexa for to dos and appointments.

4. I have a command center and landing pad. This is a place for all the things that go in and out of your home that you do not want to forget. Shoes or anything you do not want to forget the night before next to command center. Each child can have a command center next to their door in the bedroom or it can be a family command center in the kitchen cabinet, mudroom or next to front door. What works for your family?

5. Create how to’s. I worked on organization for my families distracted style.

Message me at 956-778-0805 so I can help you get the areas that overwhelm and stress you out the most under control using your style.

As a newlywed I went to the library and checked out cookbooks and organizing books. I found books by Emilie Barnes. She was raising five kids under five years old and she loved tea parties. I read all her books and started a Tea Party Business and later an Organizing business. I read Sidetracked Sisters Home Executives and they had 3×5 cards for housework. This great system kept a person from getting sidetracked by only doing one thing at a time. These books changed my life. I found a cookbook that was the king of all cookbooks. Make a Mix cookbook. That cookbook had all the cooking organized for me. You could make homemade mixes like cake mix, meat mix, cookie mixes, tortilla mixes, pancake and bread mixes and then all the recipes to make all the things very convenient. Now I watch a lot of YouTube videos on the subject. I have been studying organizing tricks and techniques so that you do not have to.

Fullerton’s Professional Organizing website: https://www.fullertonsprofessionalorg… Facebook:… YouTube:… Instagram: I’m on Instagram as @fullertonsproorganizing. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.… Podcast:… I am here to help when you feel overwhelmed. I can put the calm back into you home. My responsibilities include assessing the home or business project, developing a plan, and implementing it. I Specialize in #laundryorganizing#laundry#kitchenorganizing#kitchen#closetorganizing#closet#bedroomorganizer#bedroom and #craftroomorganizer#craftroom#bathroomorganizer#bathroom#nodrawers#husbandscloset#businessorganization

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